Zu San Li

English translation: Leg Three Miles

International identity number: St-36 or Stomach 36

Location: is located just one finger breath off the upper shin. It’s found about a width of the hand below the patella border, just outside the prominent tibia bone (see picture inset).

Zu san Li (St-36) is one of Ma Dan Yang’s ‘Twelve Heavenly Star Points’, long considered the pre-eminent list of the most important acupuncture points.

You can also find it yourself, by sliding the tip of your finger up along the outside of the tibia until you feel a depression of soft muscle.

The Qi-point can have a strong sensation when pressure is applied, that does not ease after about 30 seconds.

Benefits Stomach and Spleen, Tonifies Qi and Blood, Dispels Cold, Strengthens the body, Brightens the eyes, Regulates Ying and Wei Qi, Regulates the Intestines, Raises Yang,

Ancient physicians said working on this point could treat all diseases.
Chinese foot soldiers used to halt every three miles and massage Stomach 36 for renewed energy.
Restores and builds energy in the stomach and spleen.
Strengthens the stomach and improves digestion.
Indicated for all digestive disturbances including gas, bloating, nausea, diarrhea and constipation.
Alleviates abdominal pain, distention, coldness and numbness in the legs.

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