Western Medicine

This important element of the Diploma course

All World Health Organisation affiliated TCM colleges have taught Western Medical sciences since 1953. These have been taught as an integral part of all courses in acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and Tuina.
It is essential for the modern practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine to have a thorough understanding of Anatomy, Physiology and western pathology, pharmacology and applied clinical medicine in order to provide the best possible care and treatment for our patients.
In most cases the patient will present with a western diagnosis and be on drug therapy.
This Western Medicine module is developed to the highest  international standards and it is included in all our courses and is a requirement for qualification with one of our Diplomas or Licentiates.
– Histology   – The Blood,
– Circulatory system
– Lymphatic system
– Respiratory system
– Digestive system and Nutrition
– Urinary system
– Endocrine system
– Muscular system
– Reproductive system
– Nervous system
– Special senses
– The Skin
– Skeletal system – The Joints

Pathology of each system will also be covered.
Credit for Previous Learning: There will be a certain time allocated to Western Medical Sciences and an exemption is available to those with recognised qualifications.