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Ma Dan-yang 12 Heavenly Star Acupoints

The twelve Heavenly Star qi-points of Ma Dan Yang, who was a famous Daoist practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, around 1140 A.D. These are his famous chosen Qi-points as recorded in his ode to 11 miraculous acupuncture points, which was published in the Jade Dragon Manual in 1329. the twelfth Qi-point LR-03 was added by Xu Feng who introduced the Eight Extraordinary Vessels.

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Poster Eight Extraordinary Vessels


Eight Extraordinary Vessels

By Jamu shur in Healthy Posters

2 pages, published 8/24/2013

The Eight Extraordinary Vessels are considered to be more ancient than the conventional meridian system and yet so simple and powerful when energised, stimulated or balanced for their related conditions. A must for every practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine.


What Beautiful Women Eat

People will always be attracted to beauty and have a desire for it. Theres nothing wrong with looking good, in fact when we look in the mirror and see the beauty both inner and outer, our overall wellbeing improves. Staying naturally beautiful and what you eat is closely related. Many foods that people eat everyday not only contain nutrients that the body needs, but they can also maintain beauty and health. When Chinese medicine is added to some foods, they  have a delicious flavor and curative effects, which help maintain beauty.

Here are some recipes that also have Chinese medicine.

1. Porridge with red date and chrysanthemum:

Ingredients: 50 grams red date, 100 grams rice, 15 grams chrysanthemum
Add these ingredients into a pan with water, boil until it becomes a dense porridge. Then add some red sugar to taste. This porridge is beneficial for the spleen, blood, liver and eyes. Consumption of this porridge for a long time can prevent illnesses and maintain one’s beauty.

2. Lotus porridge:

Ingredients: 30 grams lotus, 30 grams Qianshi, 50 grams Yiren rice, 10 grams longan, honey
Soak lotus, Qianshi and Yiren rice in water for 30 minutes. Cook these ingredients and the longan into porridge over low heat, and then add some honey to taste. Longan can help re-energize people; lotus is beneficial for the spleen and stomach; Yiren rice and Qianshi are good for the spleen. Medical research has shown that Qianshi is abundant in Vitamins A, B, and C, while honey contains collagen and enzymes which stimulate the growth of cells and accelerate metabolism. This porridge is the perfect medicinal food for beauty, having the effect of eliminating wrinkles and whitening the skin.

3. Beauty porridge for enriching the blood

Ingredients: 3 grams Chuangong, 6 grams angelica, 2 grams safflower, 4 grams Huangshi, 100 grams Geng rice and chicken soup
Wash the rice and soak in water. Put sliced angelica, Chuangong and Huangshi in a small cloth bag. Put the bag and the chicken soup in a clay pot and boil. Add the rice to the soup and cook into porridge. Last, sprinkle green onion slices, MSG and ginger slices over the porridge. This porridge has enriches the blood. Long-term consumption of this porridge can help women regulate menstruation, enrich the blood and maintain one’s beauty. Take it once a day for 15 days as a treatment period.

4. Beauty tea

Ingredients: 500 grams ginger, 250 grams black tea, 100 grams salt, 150 grams licorice, 25 grams clove and 25 grams Chenxiang
Mash all the ingredients into a powder. Take 15 grams to 25 grams for each dose. Fry them or make them into tea early in the morning. It can be drunk several times a day. The tea is good for recovering the spleen, strengthening the stomach, enriching blood, soothing the nerves and curing depression. Long-term use of this tea can whiten and soften the skin and reduce wrinkles.

5. Porridge with white fungus and cherry

Ingredients: 50 grams white fungus, 30 grams cherry, sweet osmanthus and rock sugar
Boil the melted rock sugar and white fungus for about 10 minutes, then and add the cherry and sweet osmanthus. This porridge has the effect of recovering energy, enriching the blood, whitening the skin and maintaining one’s beauty.

James O’Sullivan is a credible and engaging speaker, a visiting lecturer to Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, a people friendly practitioner of Integrative Medicine at Galway Smiling Body Acupuncture Clinic, serving his patients, his students and the public with the positive benefits of both Conventional Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is a respected author and has appeared on many public media.

(Source: dbdb.cn, Translated by Women of China)