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Ma Dan-yang 12 Heavenly Star Acupoints

The twelve Heavenly Star qi-points of Ma Dan Yang, who was a famous Daoist practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, around 1140 A.D. These are his famous chosen Qi-points as recorded in his ode to 11 miraculous acupuncture points, which was published in the Jade Dragon Manual in 1329. the twelfth Qi-point LR-03 was added by Xu Feng who introduced the Eight Extraordinary Vessels.

Ma Dan Yang’s 12 Heavenly Star Points

Point Name Translation Meridian Location Indications According to Ma Dan yang’s Song
Zusanli Three Miles ST-36 Swollen belly, cold stomach, intestinal noises, diarrhea, swollen leg, sore knee or calf, injury from cold, weakness or emaciation, parasites, aging
Neiting Inner Courtyard ST-44 Chill in the hands and feet, hatred of voices, skin rashes, sore throat, continuous yawning, toothache, intermittent fevers without appetite
Quchi Crooked Pond LI-11 Aching elbow, hand cannot close, arm very weak, throat closes up, repeated or persistent fevers, severe lesions over the whole body
Hegu Joining Valleys LI-04 Headache with a swollen face, malarial fevers, burning then cold, tooth decay, nose bleed, lock jaw and unable to speak
Weizhong Middle Equilibrium BL-40 Lumbago, especially when severe and leading up the back, aching muscles which cannot extend, rheumatism which returns irregularly, knee stiffness
Chengshan Receiving the Mountain BL-57 Severe back-pain, hemorrhoids, bowel difficulties, swollen ankles and knees, repeated or continuous tremors or aches, cramps and spasms
Taichong Supreme Rushing LR-3 Sudden fits and convulsions, swollen throat or breast, both feet unable to walk, all types of hernias, cloudy mist in front of the eyes, aching waist
Kunlun Kunlun Mountains BL-60 Spasms and pain in the tailbone, difficulty in breathing, fullness in the chest, being unable to walk or even step out, painful movement
Huantiao Jumping Circle GB-30 lower back pain, rheumatism aggravated by cold or damp, pain running down from thigh to calf
Yanglingquan Yang Mound GB-34 Swollen knee accompanied by numbness, one-sided pains due to cold, inability to raise the foot, sitting or lying as someone old and weak
Tongli Penetrating Within HT-05 Stammering and stuttering, distress, irritation, palpitations, limbs go heavy, head, face, and cheeks turn red, lack of appetite and expression
Lieque Narrow Defile LU-07 Migraine, the whole body lifeless with wandering pains, phlegm incessantly blocks above or in lockjaw

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