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Ma Dan-yang 12 Heavenly Star Acupoints

The twelve Heavenly Star qi-points of Ma Dan Yang, who was a famous Daoist practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, around 1140 A.D. These are his famous chosen Qi-points as recorded in his ode to 11 miraculous acupuncture points, which was published in the Jade Dragon Manual in 1329. the twelfth Qi-point LR-03 was added by Xu Feng who introduced the Eight Extraordinary Vessels.

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Poster Eight Extraordinary Vessels


Eight Extraordinary Vessels

By Jamu shur in Healthy Posters

2 pages, published 8/24/2013

The Eight Extraordinary Vessels are considered to be more ancient than the conventional meridian system and yet so simple and powerful when energised, stimulated or balanced for their related conditions. A must for every practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine.


San Yin Jiao

English translation: Three Yin Intersection. This is the meeting point of the three Yin channels (spleen, kidney and liver).

International identity number: Sp-06 or Spleen 06

IMPORTANT: This point is prohibited for use during pregnancy

Location: on the inside of the lower leg, 4 finger width above the malleolus (or ankle bone).

To find it yourself, place the little finger of your hand against the highest tip of the malleolus resting the flat of your hand against your leg. the Qi-point is found at that level just behind the bone.

Strengthens the Spleen, Resolves Damp, Promotes the function of the Liver and the smooth flowing of Liver Qi, Tonifies the Kidneys, Nourishes Blood and Yin, Benefits urination, Regulates the uterus, Moves Blood and eliminates stasis, Cools Blood, Stops pain, Calms the Mind,

Important for treatment of all gynecological, sexual, urinary, digestive and emotional imbalances.
Nourishes and builds the blood.
Use in the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, headaches, menstrual cramps, abdominal distention/pain and diabetes.
Contraindicated during pregnancy.



Sports Acupuncture

Practitioners Diploma in Sports Acupuncture

This course is designed for qualified practitioners of sports medicine and massage, physical therapists, physiotherapy and other suitably qualified practitioners in sports remedial therapy. The course runs on a flexible weekend basis. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be qualified to practice this prestigious sports acupuncture.


Acupuncture is now the most popular natural treatment by people in the Western world. Acupuncture is the use of inserting needles in empirical points positioned around the body, to assist the body’s own natural healing powers. It is a medical tradition practiced for thousands of years in the orient. Its success is proven by the fact that it survived over this time and today, continues to be an effective treatment for a large number of modern health problems.

Sports Acupuncture often referred to as dry needling or trigger point needling is specifically developed to treat sports injuries and pain syndromes.

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