Lie Que

English translation: Broken Sequence

International identity number: Lu-07 or Lung 07

Location: On the radial aspect of the forearm, approximately 1.5 cun proximal to Yang Xi LI-05, in the cleft between the tendons of brachioradialis and abductor pollicis longus. (see picture inset).

You can interlock your thumb and index finger of one hand with those of the other, the point lies on the edge of the index finger, in a depression between the sinew and the bone.

Wei zhong (Bl-40) is one of Ma Dan Yang’s ‘Twelve Heavenly Star Points’, long considered the pre-eminent list of the most important acupuncture points.

The Qi-point is one of the most important on the Lung meridian. It is used for stopping a persistent cough and relieving a sore throat. Besides treating those symptoms, Lie Que is used to treat conditions related to the head and neck, such as headaches, migraines, stiff neck, facial paralysis, toothache, and pain and/or weakness of the wrist.

Broken sequence is understood to mean lightning, which may be the strong electric sensation when needled or the way lightning clears the sky.


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