Zu Lin Qi – GB-41

  • English translation: Falling Tears (foot) or Foot Governor of Tears

International identity number: GB 41, Gall Bladder 41

Point Associations:

  • Shu-Stream
  • Wood point of the Gall Bladder channel
  • Master (Opening) point of the Dai Mai (Girdling vessel) with SJ-05


  • In the depression distal to the junction of the 4th. and 5th. metatarsal bones, on the lateral side of the tendon of m. extensor digiti minimi of the foot.

Needle insertion:

  • Perpendicular insertion 0.5 to 1 cun


  • Promotes the smooth flow of Liver Qi
  • Regulates the Girdle Vessel
  • Benefits the chest, lateral costal region and breasts
  • Clears the head and benefits the eyes
  • Resolves Damp Heat
  • Transforms phlegm and dissipates nodules

Zu Lin Qi (GB-41) is an important point for stagnation of Qi, it promotes the smooth flow in the body. This can also be interpreted as de-stressing tension that comes from modern living.

Zu Lin Qi (GB-41) is the opening point of the Dai Mai of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels, which may be the most ancient body energetic system. When combined with SJ-05, it is indicated for distention and pain of the breast, breast abscess, menstrual disorders and reticent menstruation, and is particularly used in situations where Liver Qi stagnation impairs the smooth flow and regularity of the menstrual cycle.

Zu Lin Qi (GB-41) has an important role when treating headaches due to both emotional, and physical causes, especially occipital and vertex.

It is an important point for menstrual pain and breast disorders.

Zu Lin Qi (GB-41) as the name indicates – “falling Tears (foot)” is important for treating eye problems, redness, swelling and lacrimation issues, tearing, excessive lacrimation.

Local point for lateral foot issues – pain, cramping.

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