Tuina massage for Baby

Babies love touch and they are especially responsive to Tuina paediatric massage. I was scanning the bookshelves recently and came across an excellent book that depicts a series of ancient techniques and gentle treatment for babies who suffer from Colic and digestive disorders.

This little gem contains paediatric Tuina techniques from the world famous Jiang-Su Provincial Hospital Nanjing and combines them with aromatherapy techniques in an easy to understand and use massage sequence, so don’t be put off by the title (The Little Baby Massage Book) and its simple cover. According to research various Tuina techniques combined with aromatherapy has been shown to increase the production of ACTH (Adrenocorticotrophic) Hormones and many more, aiding the relief of colic, digestive disorders and other baby health conditions.

This book is easy to read, its education and beautifully illustrated, photographed and diagrammed for people from all ages and walks of life to learn Tuina paediatric (baby) massage.


There is an entire chapter dedicated to the study of aromatherapy essential oils and botanicals. You will learn how to mix your own aromatherapy massage oils, “Aromatreats” with home safety tips while learning other uses for your essential oils. Meditations for new mothers are some of the other valuable and informative tips that you will find in this rich enjoyable text combined with great knowledge. Through touch and an open mind…we can learn to bring Ancient Healing into a Modern World. Enjoy reading with “The Little Baby Massage Book”. Want to buy this book in the Europe or USA .