Gong Sun Sp-04

English translation: Minute Connecting channels or Grandfather Grandson

International identity number: Sp 04, Spleen 4

Point Associations:

  • Luo- Luo-Connecting point of the Spleen channel
  • Master (Opening) point of the Chong Mai (Penetrating vessel) with P-06


  • In the depression distal and inferior to the base of the 1st. metatarsal bone. 1 cun posterior to Sp-03,  at the junction of the red and white skin.
  • On the medial side of the foot, in the depression distal and inferior to the base of the first metatarsal bone.

Needle insertion:

  • Perpendicular insertion 0.5 to 1 cun


  • Tonifies Stomach and Spleen
  • Regulates the Chong Mai (Penetrating Vessel)
  • Stops bleeding
  • Dispels fullness
  • Pacifies the Stomach
  • Removes obstructions
  • Regulates menstruation

Gong Sun (Sp-04) is an important and frequently used acu points.  It is the opening point of the Chong Mai of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels, which may be the most ancient body energetic system.

Gong Sun (Sp-04) has an important role in harmonising the middle Jiao when there is excess type epigastric and abdominal pain. It is used to treat food poisoning and dysentery. It strengthens the Spleen. It regulates stagnation of Qi and transform Dampness.

Treats pain  in the heel.

Gynecological and Abdominal issues due to stagnation of Qi and Blood – masses, fibroids, cysts, irregular menstruation.

When combined with P-06 it can treat chest and heart pain and disharmony of the Mind, with sighing, anxiety, insomnia, nervousness.

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