Harmonising Aggressive Energy

This treatment protocol is based on Five Elements and is a simple effective treatment for clearing Aggressive energy, reducing stress, nourishing the Soul, Strengthening the body.

Half inch (1/2″) needles are inserted just barely under the skin, from top to bottom and right to left, usually inserting BL-15 as the last point.

The points in this treatment:

  • BL-13 – Fei (Lung) Shu Acupoint
  • BL-14 – Xin Bao (Pericardium) Shu Acupoint
  • BL-15 – Xin (Heart) Shu Acupoint
  • BL-18 – Gan (Liver) Shu Acupoint
  • BL-20- Pi (Spleen) Shu Acupoint
  • BL-23 – Shen (Kidney) Shu Acupoint

Needles are retained in the patient for 20 minutes.