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Live Online Tutorial Classes

I have designed a series of short one hour classes based on 30 years practical clinical experience and 15 clinical internships in Chinese university affiliated hospitals. I want to support your existing knowledge on Traditional Chinese Medicine with these “Drop-in” live online classes.

The emphasis of these classes are exploring actual Case Histories from the viewpoint of traditional Chinese Medical theory and diagnosis with a Principal of Treatment based on the ancient functions of the acupoints, foods and herbs We follow a special syllabus with each class deigned to offer you practical solutions to example cases.

The cost is €10 per class. You pay for each class in advance, through any one of these links.

  • PayPal: Please send payment as “FRIEND”. This keeps fees low. PayPal link.
  • Revolut: Include me in your contacts. James O’Sullivan Tel: +353 87 785 1158.
  • Direct to my bank. Please contact me.

Your Mentor: James O’Sullivan. is passionate about TCM. I have witnessed some of the most impressive clinical successes in my life.

This is one of my videos from my YouTube Channel. You are welcome to visit.

Book: Practical Chinese Medicine 
This book is an introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine from the perspective of Tuina Chinese Medical Acupressure. It guides the student through the theories and cultural philosophies of this exceptional medical discipline. It is an excellent first year student textbook that is written in the same down to earth, easy to understand sentences that the ancient Chinese practitioners used to teach their students. It covers everything in the necessary foundation to begin your lifelong study of this outstanding medical discipline.


Acu Points

Acupoints for workshop…. Below you will find the commonly used points for cosmetic acupuncture. Not all of these will be used on the day.

Du-07 GB-01 LI-01 St-01
Du-12 GB-01 LI-04 St-02
Du-20 GB-02 LI-10 ST-03
Du-25 GB-13 LI-11 St-04
Du-26 GB-14 LI-19 St-06
Liv-03 GB-18 Ren-04 St-07
Liv-08 GB-38 Ren-06 St-08
Lu-02 GB-41 Ren-08 St-09
Lu-05 GB-41, Ren-23 St-13
Lu-07 UB-01 Ren-24 St-36
Lu-09 UB-02 SI-18 St-41
Ht-07 UB-06 SJ-23 St-43
Kid-03 UB-12 Sp-03
Kid-06 UB-19 Sp-04
Kid-27 UB-45 Sp-06
UB-62 Sp-09
UB-63 Sp-10

If you are qualified in auricular acupuncture you may be interested to know that we may be using these auricular points.This list is not exhaustive. In addition to these points we will cover the location of these special extra points during the workshop.

Auricular Points:         Shenmen, Point Zero, Heart, Lung and Face.

Equipments needed for Cosmetic Acupuncture

Alcohol wipes, Rose water, Cotton balls, Cotton buds, Mirror, Tweezers, Tray,
Weleda Arnica Tablets (No. 6), Arnica cream, Sharps container, Gua Sha Scraping board,

Body and Ear Needles
  • Needles size: 40mm,
  • Needles size: 25mm,
  • Needles size: 13mm,
  • Needles size: 7mm,
  • Intra-dermal needles – 4mm

Possible Sources of Materials
You can purchase the needles at any of the following suppliers. They may not have the exact needle size.

Intradermal Needles 6mm

Body Needles 7mm

Body Needles 15mm

Body Needles 40mm

Auricular Acupuncture

This workshop is especially designed for acupuncturists and other suitable qualified practitioners, who wish to learn the fine skills needed to offer these very popular treatments. The course covers both traditional Chinese medical and the Paul Nogier style of European auricular acupuncture. You must be a qualified Acupuncturist to participate on this course.

For more information on this course please complete this form.

We have a very popular "live" online course starting soon especially to train you in the theory of Traditional Chinese Nutritional Therapy.
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