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Diploma of Tuina

for Acupuncturists and other practitioners trained in traditional Chinese medicine with knowledge of the theory and acupoint location and function.

This "hands on" course will give you more confidence in the manipulation of points without needles, and a practical acupressure sequence for the treatment for a wide variety of conditions.

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Tuina is the Official Medical Chinese Bodywork therapy that was developed in China over 3,000 years ago and known as needle-less acupuncture. It is an integral part of the healthcare system in hospitals throughout China today. It works with the energy system in the body known as the meridian system. 

Aim of Course: 

To enable acupuncturists to gain hands on practical skills and learn about this exceptional hands on Chinese medical therapy.

Entry Level:

The course is designed for acupuncturists and others with suitable qualifications in Traditional Chinese Medicine.


The course is completed over 3 weekends 09:30am to 17:30pm. (Saturday and Sunday)

Your Lecturer:

jamesJames O'Sullivan has a busy Chinese Medicine practice in Galway.

James is a visiting lecturer to Beijing and Zhejiang universities in China. He also lectures for 5 VEC colleges around Ireland running the under graduate Tuina dioploma course.

He developed the first under graduate Diploma in Tuina in Ireland.

Many acupuncturists will know his fresh and hands on approach to TCM.

James trained with Hung Shui Chen in Taiwan, a Tuina master practitioner and a living legend in his lifetime.

Affiliated with Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
Course Content: 

The course is 25% theory and 75% practical.

Covered during the course:

History and development of Traditional Chinese Medical Tui Na.
Review: Concepts and Theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Qi Gong exercises to protect the therapist
14 Meridians and the major points used in Tui Na
Tuina manipulation techniques
Facial rejuvenation tuina sequence
Full body Tuina sequence developed specifically for Western clients.
Treatment protocol of  Headache, Dizziness, Insomnia, Facial paralysis, Sciatica, etc.

Course Location:

Galway City


Active Health Foundation was established to provide authentic and superior training for the enquiring student, based on Traditional and Natural Medical Principals.

Course Fee €800
  Deposit: €250 (with application)
  Balance: (week before commencement)

The full fee must be paid in advance of the course to secure your place, unless previously agreed with the college.


notes are included in the fee.


These are provisional dates and subject to change. The dates will be set on the first weekend.

Nov 15 & 16 2013
Dec 19 & 20 2013
Jan 17 & 18 2014

The course will start at 9:30 am and finish at 5:30 pm, with an hour for lunch, however the training day may run a little over these times.

Please observe the following for your course:

You should not wear make-up and your finger nails need to be short and manicured. Please wear loose fitting clothing that will not restrict movement.

Please be aware that you will be receiving Tuina treatments from other participants during the workshop.

Why do we ask for payment in advance?

How to Apply


In the first instance, download the application form
Complete the application form and send it to us with a passport size photo and the full fee.
To Address: Active Heath. 4 St. Bridget's Place, Prospect Hill, Galway.
Cheques should be made out to "Active Health"

Cancellation Policy:

Less than 3 days notice or "no show": no refund
Greater than 3 days but less than 14 days notice: 50% refund
Greater than 14 days but less than 30 days notice: 70% refund
Greater than 30 days notice: Full refund

Need to Talk in Person

I understand that you may require more information about this course. There is nothing to replace a face to face. I would be delighted to speak to you over the phone (087) 785 1158 (if I'm in clinic or lecturing, leave a message).
We can arrange a meeting in the Galway Clinic, to answer any question you may have.

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