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Active Health Foundation was established in 1997 to provide authentic and superior training for the enquiring student, based on Traditional and Natural Medical Principals. Academic Principals Active Health Foundation has developed comprehensive training programs in (TCM) Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Complementary Therapies, with the guidance and assistance from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to whom we are formally affiliated. We have benefited from many years experience in Holistic medicine education from experienced clinicians and tutors both in Europe and China. The undergraduate syllabus is based on the primary TCM course as taught in the four main W.H.O. collaborating centres in China.
  Active Health Foundation has a strong academic background with the majority of our lecturers, either from our associated colleges in China, graduates of the TCM degree programs in England, and all have undergone clinical training in China. All our lecturers are experienced, many of them acknowledged experts in their own subjects

bucm Affiliated with Beijing University of Chinese Medicine


We are affiliated with the prestigious Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, the World Health Organisation’s representative for Traditional Medicine. (Beijing University of Chinese Medicine)

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, the largest college of Traditional medicine in China with 23 teaching hospitals. We have links with many other colleges in China.


Principal of Training

Our goal and mission is to educate skilled, caring and qualified practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, who are not only competent in Traditional medicine, but are clinically proficient in Western medicine, ensuring their patients the best possible care and treatments.

All our programs are designed for flexibility to accommodate working individuals and our training sessions mostly take place on weekends.

The training schedule requires monthly contact lectures, practicals and clinicals with your lecturer. There is a requirement of 10 hours per week group and home study.

You will gain a thorough knowledge of this ancient practical art to become a competent practitioner. 



Code of Ethics

Our students are expected to observe the code of ethics and code of practice of Active Health Foundation and its associated bodies, both in their relations with colleagues and the class or clinic patients.



Academic Board

(Honorary) Prof. Xiao Luwei president of Zhejiang College of TCM

(Honorary) Prof. Chai Kefu, Director of International Education Centre, Zhejiang College of TCM

Dr. Zhang Wei Hui of Shanghai University 

James O'Sullivan, Principal

Hung Tsui Ying, Course Director



We have links with the most prestiges colleges around the world. Our Associates





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